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Frequently Asked Questions


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From the Vroomsi Home page or the "Listings" page, enter a city and province to begin searching. Providing more details such as the desired type of place and number of bedrooms/bathrooms will help provide more relevant results. Click "Search Now" (Home page) to see the results displayed in the map.

The search bar on the map contains a number of filters to narrow down the places that match specified criteria. As filters are selected, results are automatically updated to reflect the changes.

Search Criteria

  • Rent - Select a range of rents for returned places.
  • Bedrooms - Specify desired number of bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms - Specify desired number of bathrooms.
  • Move In Date - Limit places to those available on or before the desired move in date
  • Radius - Limit results to a defined area. Creates draggable marker on map.
  • Type - Restrict results to a certain type, ie: Apartment, Condo etc.
  • Additional Filters - Checkbox lists of additional amenities and features, ie: Washer/Dryer, Underground Parking, Heat Included, etc.

Click the "CLEAR SEARCH CRITERIA" button to remove all search criteria filters.

Vroomsi uses of a variety of icons throughout the site to provide quick information about and interaction with listed places.

Map Icons

  • There is a single place for rent under this marker
  • 17
    There are multiple places for rent under this marker
  • There are one or more featured places under this marker
  • There are places marked as "favorite" under these markers
  • There are new places under these markers
  • Indicates the center point when the radius filter is on. Click and drag this marker to move the search area.

Place/Listing Icons

  • 1
    With a number, indicates the number of bedrooms for this place
  • 1
    With a number, indicates the number of bathrooms for this place
  • Click this icon to print the details of the current place
  • Filled in heart indicates a favorite place. Click to toggle.
  • Share details of this place with a friend

Favorite Places are a way to mark available places to return to later. This is a great way to keep track of apartments to apply for. For users who store their Vroomsi profile, Favorite Places are saved between visits. Otherwise, Favorite Places are only saved during the current session on the site. The list of places marked "favorite" is accessible by clicking the numbered heart icon in the lower right corner of the map.

Listed Places

Yes. Every effort is made to ensure that only places that are currently available are shown. Landlords are required to regularly verify the availablity of places they have listed and if an unavailable place does remain listed, there are tools in place allowing this to be reported to Vroomsi.

If you have found that a listed place is no longer available, you can use the "Flag this place as unavailable" button on the place's info page to let us know. Vroomsi staff will then alert the landlord that the place has been flagged as unavailable and ensure that the place is verified or removed.

Yes. Any place's information can be easily shared with a friend by using the "Share" button on the place's info page. Enter the friend's details in the resulting pop-up window and they will automatically receive an email containing a link directly to the place's info page.

These emails are not stored and only used once for this purpose.

Creating a User Profile

Creating and storing a user profile with Vroomsi is free.

Creating a Vroomsi user profile provides a number of benefits:

  • View/Edit Application Profile - apply for multiple apartments without having to re-enter details each time
  • Modify Applications - add or remove co-applicants, or cancel an application (if it has not yet been submitted)
  • View the Status of Applications - easily view the details of in-process applications
  • Send Messages to Property Owners - Vroomsi's messaging system allows secure communication with landlords regarding applications
  • Saved Searches - save favorite searches to repeat later and see new places that match the same criteria
  • Apartment Alerts - receive instant email alerts for apartments that match the searching criteria

There are several easy ways to create a user profile:

  • From any page, click the "Login / Sign Up" button at the top of the page. Register quickly with a Facebook account, or provide a few short details to initiate the user profile with Vroomsi.
  • Simply choose the "Yes, create a Vroomsi profile" option when applying to any place and the profile will be stored automatically.

Vroomsi Dashboard

Vroomsi users who log in to their profile are show a 'dashboard' in place of the home page providing access to advanced features. From the dashboard users can edit their profile, view the status of applications and quickly access Favorite Places and Saved Searches.

Users who choose to do so can have their application details automatically saved securely in a user profile. The profile can then be used to easily apply for other places.

To view or change Profile settings (eg. if employer/address has changed), log in and access the User Profile section on the dashboard.

Vacancy Applications

Many places feature online applications. This will be indicated on the place with a blue APPLY ONLINE button when you are viewing the place's details.

No, the application process is free to complete online. However, note that many landlords require deposit fees or other fees on completing and accepting applications.

No, the application process can be completed without creating a user profile. The information will be transmitted only to the appropriate landlord and no personal information will be stored.

After the application has been completed, any co-applicants will be contacted to complete their portion of the application. Once the co-applicants have completed their portions, the property owner is notified by email and given acces to the completed application.

The property owner will then review the application. If the application is approved, notifications are emailed to the primary applicant and any co-applicants. The property owner will then contact the primary applicant to discuss the details.

If an application has not yet been submitted to the landlord, Vroomsi users who have created a user profile can cancel applications through the Rental Applications section on the Home page when logged in.

Vroomsi users with stored profiles have a few options to deal with this scenario. These features can be accessed through the Applications section on the Home page when logged in:

  • Send a reminder - a pre-formatted email, containing a link to the application can be sent to the co-applicant reminding them to complete the application
  • Remove co-applicants from the application - any co-applicants who have not completed their portions can be removed from the application

Applicants who are not have not stored their profile, please Contact Us to inquire about your options.

If an application has been submitted to the landlord, Vroomsi users with stored profiles can send messages securely through the rental application details, which is accessed through the Applications section on the Home page when logged in.


Please visit the FOR LANDLORDS page for details on free vacancy listings for landlords.

Please visit the FOR LANDLORDS page for details on the services available for landlords.

About Us

Applying online for places has historically been a lot more difficult than it had to be. Vroomsi is the result of a dedicated effort to make the experience of finding and renting an apartment as easy as possible.

We would love to hear from you with any comments or questions. Please visit our Contact Us page.

GateMaster Inc., the creator of Vroomsi, was incorporated in 1996.

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